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A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark

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A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark. Quality furniture for generations to come, created in the heart of Denmark.

A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark was founded in 1928 by the carver Mikael Laursen.

The business started as a small artisan firm. Today, A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark is a modern company which produces furniture in keeping with the craft´s noble traditions. The deep respect for good craftsmanship which has characterized the company since its inception lives on today as strong as ever.

In June 1996, A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark was taken over by Jan Erik Jensen, who in addition to being the sole owner of the company, also acts as the managing director.

The company is situated on a 23.000 m2 site of which 5000 m2 is made up of buildings in which quality furniture from noble tree species is produced.

Our range of quality furniture includes "Samsø" quality garden furniture in teak, coffee tables, groups of sofas, corner sofas, dining tables and chairs, display cabinets, sideboards, flexible shelf systems, as well a complete range of bedroom furniture consisting of beds, bedside tables, mirrors, wardrobes and chests of drawers.

At A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark, we use only the best wood from the noble tree species. We have chosen to work with species as teak, cherry and steam-stripped beech. The keyword throughout the production process is quality, and the production process is managed by skilled professionals.

The furniture-makers of A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark are highly capabel and scrupulous. They are faithful to the traditions of craftsmanship. Traditions and working methods are passed down from master to apprentice when new furniture-makers are trained at A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark.They learn to pay attention to details. Perfect details create the whole - and the whole itself only exists as a result of the individual details.

The customer who order a piece of Mikael Laursen furniture is guaranteed pure style and elegance which is original, useful and produced by a master of his craft.

A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark has a reputation for producing furniture which brings an atmosphere of well-being and comfort to a home.

For A/S Mikael Laursen of Denmark there is only one quality: First Class. It costs a little more to produce furniture in this way, but we can promise that for you it is worth every single penny.

Living with Mikael Laursen furniture means living in harmony with nature.

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